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Woot made some more progress on Oathkeeper! I cut out the blade from wood (its aspen btw…) and started all the beveling.

There it is.  I am pretty satisfied with my progress so far, although I need to work on my sanding; there are some bevels that aren’t smooth enough for my liking.

Er. Ok.  I guess I better talk a little about how I made it lol.  Well I cut out the basic shape with a jigsaw.  I carved out the bevels with a Dremel, using a grinding stone bit and a diamond-tipped bit.  I sanded them with a finish sander and a Dremel Multi-Max, but I am going to have to go in there and hand sand a lot later on (don’t want to think about that now).  That’s pretty much it, the process is simple yet time consuming


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