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Category Archives: Keyblades

Woot made some more progress on Oathkeeper! I cut out the blade from wood (its aspen btw…) and started all the beveling.

There it is.  I am pretty satisfied with my progress so far, although I need to work on my sanding; there are some bevels that aren’t smooth enough for my liking.

Er. Ok.  I guess I better talk a little about how I made it lol.  Well I cut out the basic shape with a jigsaw.  I carved out the bevels with a Dremel, using a grinding stone bit and a diamond-tipped bit.  I sanded them with a finish sander and a Dremel Multi-Max, but I am going to have to go in there and hand sand a lot later on (don’t want to think about that now).  That’s pretty much it, the process is simple yet time consuming


The next costume I am making is Final Form Sora from Kingdom Hearts II.  I have wanted to make this costume for a few years now, so I am just going to do it already.  The keyblades I am making to go with the costume are Oathkeeper and Ultima.  I don’t want to make Oblivion because of its stupid chain.  Maybe some day I will get around to it

The colored lines are where the bevels are going to be. Light green lines are the high points in the bevel and the dark green lines are the low points. Everything is going to be beveled except for the sections colored blue, which will remain flat.  In the end it should look something like this…

This is an old attempt at an Oathkeeper keyblade that I made when I first wanted to make Final Form Sora.  As you can see, back then I only worked with insulation foam D=.  I am sure this attempt will turn out a lot better