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Man, I hate finals.

Anyways, Oathkeeper progress has been made.  I decided that I am absolutely going to use Alsa paint on this prop, because if I don’t use it on this prop I won’t use it on anything…

However, that leaves me with a few issues, the most daunting of which is sanding.

Sanding is difficult because it is deceptive.  Take a look at this picture, for instance

The feathers on the wings look super smooth, right? (nevermind that gross crescents on the bottom, I am not done with those yet lol)  Yes, they do indeed look smooth, but they aren’t smooth at all; at least not smooth enough for shiny Alsa paint.  Now, look at the picture below…

You can see what I am talking about here.  Those wings are really bumpy in some areas and require a lot of bondo and wet sanding.  I actually have pics of the results of my wet sanding-and-bondo shenanigans, but of course, I forgot to take pictures and I am at school right now *sigh*